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Filled with mysterious acronyms and confusing terms - we created these resources to demystify the real estate business.

What can I do to help my house sell faster?


  1. Price it right. Like we talked about early, making sure your home is accurately and competitively priced is one of the best things you can do to increase interest and likelihood to sell quickly.
  2. Clear it out. Buyers are always interested in storage, so give your closets and drawers some breathing room.
  3. Lighten up. People are drawn to light, happy spaces, so warm up your home with some extra lighting. You may want to remove dark, heavy curtains, clean the windows or add extra wattage to your lamps.
  4. Ditch the dog. Well, not literally. But the same goes for the cat, ferret or any other pet you might have. Not everyone is an animal lover. So hide the litter box, sweep up the hair and put Fido out back during home showings.
  5. Keep it simple. Now is not the time to start a major home improvement project. Instead consider quick fixes that will pay off like a fresh coat of paint, repairing that leaky faucet, and making sure the closets doors are on track.
  6. Make it theirs. Not yours. That means packing up cluttered family photos and preschool projects. And that bust of Michael Jackson you made in art class? Yeah, that too. You want to create a space that a buyer could easily see themselves in.
  7. Move it around. Think about having a stager, or even a good friend, come in with some fresh ideas about how to rearrange your furniture. Sometimes a few simple changes can open up a room and create new traffic patterns. And, remember, you don’t have to like it. The goal is to make your home sell quickly so can pull out the Elvis tapestry at your new place.
  8. Cook up some love. Some people say you’re not really selling your house, you’re selling your kitchen. That’s how important this room in your house is. The fastest, and cheapest, way to update a kitchen is with a coat of fresh paint. Think neutrals – this makes the space feel larger and lets the future owner have a clean palette to work with. Adding new hardware to existing cabinets can also be a cost-effective refresh.
  9. Showtime all the time. Always be ready to show your house. For those less-tidy of us, that thought can send fear through our unorganized hallways. But remember, if you’ve already reduced some of the clutter, there will be less to put away. Who knows, after a few weeks of having everything in its place, you might just decide you like it that way. Or not. Again, no judgment.
  10. Make an impression. Yeah, yeah, we’ve all heard that you only have one chance to make a first impression. Well it’s true. Except when it comes to selling your house, that first impression starts at the curb. Look at your home from street view. Could you add some shrubs, pots of bright flowers or a decorative welcome flag? Remember, this is your home’s time in the spotlight, make sure it’s ready for its closeup.



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