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Filled with mysterious acronyms and confusing terms - we created these resources to demystify the real estate business.

What are the best ways to promote my home?


To be really good at this you sort of have to think like a Kardashian – or if that’s too big of a leap, insert any pseudo-celebrity that seems to always be in the spotlight. The goal is exposure, and lots of it. Marketers say that people, on average, have to see something a minimum of seven times before they consider taking action. Whether there’s anything magical about the number seven or not, it makes sense. You want to make sure your audience sees your home in all the places they’re looking.

And, where are they looking? See for yourself:

  • Online. No surprise there. But it may surprise you how many different online sites are now available to promote your home. From Zillow to Trulia, Redfin to, add to that all the local and independent realty sites, then top it with Google keyword search terms, and online marketing can be as overwhelming as cleaning out your garage after a long winter. But hey, the Kardashians have their publicists, you have Rilio. Your agent will develop an online strategy that makes sure your home shows up where your buyers’ are looking.
  • MLS. Major League Soccer for some, Multiple Listing Service for us. Think of the MLS as a national database of all the realtor-represented homes. It’s comprised of over 700 regional data services that represent the single most comprehensive listing of homes for sale in the U.S. The MLS is the real estate equivalence of a Who’s Who list. You definitely want your house to be on it.
  • Social Media. Believe it or not, people are searching for more than crazy cat videos on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other sites are becoming valuable spaces to share relevant real estate content. Many realtors have developed high quality online audiences keeping an eye out for their dream home.
  • Signage. Who hasn’t seen a “for sale” sign in a front yard? See. They work. We see them. And in today’s cluttered marketing environment, a clean, well-designed sign at a home with a little curb appeal can be a breath of fresh air to a potential buyer. Especially because the next step after their online search, is often a neighborhood drive-by. Today’s real estate signs offer additional call-to-action, physical flyers and mobile access to photos and video tours. Good signage can turn a casual viewer into an interested buyer.
  • Print materials. As much as we use digital content, there’s still something valuable about a tangible piece of printed material. Just wait until your child’s photo runs in the local paper. Chances are that piece of newsprint will end up on your refrigerator for months. Same thing for high-quality flyers, pamphlets and postcards. Direct mail to qualified households serve as a powerful reminder of the home they were considering online.
  • An Agent Tour. This is similar to an open house, but it’s hosted by realtors for realtors. There’s a reason for the exclusive guest list. An agent tour gives other brokers in the area a chance to do a thorough walkthrough of your home. Your Rilio agent is on hand to answer questions and promote the key features of the property. These tours usually happen as soon as your house goes on the market and can be a great way to generate interest and get the word out about your home.
  • An Open House. According to a recent NAR report, driving through neighborhoods is one of the top buyer activities, and if there’s an open house, they will stop in. The more visits a house gets, the faster it will sell. Add to that, the 45% of buyers who said they used open houses as a source of information in their home search, and it’s time to put out the welcome mat. 

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