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Filled with mysterious acronyms and confusing terms - we created these resources to demystify the real estate business.

What’s My Option?



Did you know that real estate laws differ from state to state? If you’re considering buying a home in Texas, there’s a unique option available to you, called, well . . . an option. When you make an offer on a home you can pay an “option fee,” usually in the amount of one to two hundred dollars. This “option fee” gives you an Option Period – a window of time that lets you terminate the contract for any reason. An Option Period gives you time to get a complete home inspection, do plumbing tests, and anything else to make sure the home is not only insurable . . . but exactly what you want. During the Option Period, you can terminate the contract for any reason or proceed with the purchase of the home. An Option Fee is just one of the things that can help make your home buying process as stress-free as possible.

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